My Little Princess 9/19/04 – 3/7/17

Today, a piece of my heart has died. My dog. My pet. Those terms don’t even seem special enough for her. She was my companion. She was my travel buddy. She licked my tears when I cried. She got excited when I was happy. She made me feel safe. She knew what I was thinking. She loved our kids- and I say ours because they were hers too. She was my Love. It’s hard to say ‘she was’ because she isn’t physically here anymore. She will remain in my heart forever. I am having a hard time thinking about this life without her. She has been by my side for twelve and a half years.

Daizee came to me when I Googled ‘short hair medium size dog’ and found the pit bull breed. I didn’t know much about the breed, but I was buying my first condo and would be living by myself for the first time. I wanted a dog.

I browsed the RGJ in the pets section. I found numerous advertisements for pit bulls, so I went for the cheapest one. I didn’t care about the papers or parent reputation. I just wanted a companion.

I probably won’t ever forget the day I waited in the Northtowne WalMart parking lot for the gentleman who had the puppies for sale. He was driving from Susanville and he was very kind to meet me in Reno. He had 2 small white puppies left and I was so lucky to get my little Daizee. From the minute I saw her, I knew she was special. If only I knew then just HOW SPECIAL.

She didn’t have the name Daizee right away. I was toying with the names ‘Franzia’ (because I’m so classy with my boxed wine), or Princess.

I rarely had her on a leash when she was young. I was a little bit irresponsible as a pet owner (to be quite honest). She just seemed to always stick with me. Although walking to our car she would wander underneath cars and come out with oil drips all over her. Being pure white, I was able to see everything on her.

Our first winter together was one where we had feet of snow outside. Potty training in the winter was not easy.

Through the years she realized she loved watching TV if there were animals on. Any animals. Typically she loved to watch the Dog Whisperer. Marmaduke was also a big favorite of hers.

She loved her tennis ball. She loved laying under blankets and tables. If there was nothing but a wash cloth on the ground, she would find a way to snuggle up with it. She always slept with me in my bed until I met Mark. That wasn’t something that he allowed- so she had to sleep on the floor. Once the girls slept in a regular sized bed, she got to sleep in bed again and she was so happy!

She went on many road trips with me. She was an amazing little copilot. Most of the time, the passenger seat just wasn’t close enough to me. She laid her body across my emergency brake and gear shifter to lay on my lap while we drove.


Once Mark and I started our family, she instantly knew that she loved Leeya. Kissing her every chance she could and playing ball as soon she could get Leeya to throw it.  Everyone told me that my relationship with my dog would change once I had kids. I am so proud to say…it only made it better. I included Daizee with EVERY part of raising my kids. She wasn’t ever pushed aside. She was included and encouraged to be a part of the family. People told me never to trust my dog with my babies. I would rather have left her in charge of my kids when I left the room than most adults.

Leeya’s first word was ball- because Daizee always had her ball- and Jace’s first word was Daizee.


I am sad that Daizee doesn’t get to be a part of our next chapter. I know that she had a great doggy life. She got daily kisses from so many of us. She was a professional hugger. She was a great flower girl in my wedding. Her eyes could tell me so much. Her lips curled and she smiled so big.

Today I held her as she went to sleep. She laid there with lipstick kisses from me and the girls. Her nails were painted the perfect shade of pink. I looked into her eyes and held her face while she quietly went to sleep. I stayed with her for a few more minutes and found it hard to leave. I felt like I just wanted to continue holding her.

Car Ride to Vet
Our last little bit of time together
My little Princess’ last few minutes

Although today has been very difficult, I wouldn’t trade any of my time with Daizee because of it. It was worth it. I loved my life with her. I appreciated her. I know she loved me.