Helpful tips from our friends and family

  • Christa Pepper Water spigots in the front and backyard. Ours are on both sideyards, and completely inconvenient and pretty much useless, also additional electrical outlets in the garage. Standard was just one outlet and the additional ceiling one for your garage doorSee More
    Heather Freeman Gilliam I’ve always thought the washer and dryer upstairs, if u have an upstairs and the bedrooms r up there, is the best idea. A mud room for Luke was awesome so he could get out of his work clothes/boots without tracking everything through the house.
    Heather Freeman Gilliam Not having the living room on the other side of a bedroom wall.
    Jeannette E. Robinson Definitely prefer having a single light over the sink in the kitchen on a seperate switch than the rest of the kitchen. I know it’s a silly small detail.
    Also if you do xmas lights outside having an outlet at the top off the wall connected to a switch in the house is genius!
    Heather Freeman Gilliam I also saw this super cool thing where the light sockets r recessed in the wall so u can plug ur stuff in and still push your furniture up against the wall
    Becca Ogden Functional storage space is important! My house has horrible storage.
    Christina White We loved our split floor plan. Our bedroom on the opposite side of the house as the rest of the bedrooms. I agree with Heather Freeman Gilliam, with the bedroom vs living room. Double sinks in the master and girl’s bathrooms!
    Itzia Barron Having the ultimate coffee bar! A definite must
    Jillian Kent I recently went to a house where the living area was on the complete opposite side of the bedrooms, divided by kitchen and dining. The only draw back is having the master in the same hall as the kids. Also, a place to iron in the master closet (if you See More
    Kayla Marie Big pantry! Island in the kitchen with fridge drawers in it. Breakfast room and formal dining room (you’ll use them both).
    Kassie Dickinson Deck off the kitchen for bbqing it’s a hassle walking through the entire house just to get to the bbq then back to the kitchen to plate and serve
    Katie Green Jeannette, I use that single light switch in the kitchen every day, but wouldn’t have thought about it. Smart! Heather, it will be a single story…those outlets are a great idea! Christa, good idea on the cutouts. Dust collectors! Spigots are noted! ISee More
    Katie Green Jillian…keep ’em coming! I love it.
    Lyza Koonce My current house has the kitchen on the other side of the wall as my bathroom and I HATE it. I can hear every cabinet and drawer open and close no matter how quiet everyone tries to be. Living room in the front of the house for the sole purpose of haviSee More
    Dan N Brooke Downer Jack and Jill bathroom between the girls rooms. Also my friend in Virginia city has a water thing over his stove so that they can fill up water and not have to carry it across the kitchen.
    Julie Katzenberger LOVE MY laundry shoot in my upstairs bathroom–just above the washer and dryer.
    Jodie Ardans Ok so I love having my big island in the kitchen and big bedrooms so you and the kids don’t outgrow them. Wish I had a “play room” for toys, art, kid fun that could be out of site. Do not put your dishwasher in a corner or your sink somewhere you can see when you walk inside ( the dishes drive me crazy to see). Have a lazy Suzanne in your kitchen and a half bath off the laundry room and garage area.

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