The Ups and Downs

As of today, we thought we would be breaking ground. Permits have taken longer than we thought. When we were required by the health department to do a test trench, it showed that we needed an engineered septic tank. Grrr… so that means everything is on hold and we need to get an engineer to give us a plan for an engineered tank and leech lines.

Can you say $$$$$$$ ! ??

The building department gave me the cost for permits. It’s $10,659- yikes. That isn’t ANY material to build- just the permits. I think my jaw literally hit the desk when they told me the price. Again, everything is on hold until the new engineered septic gets added to the plans before they will review our plans for permit.

The final plan is about 4300 square feet and really seems to be the perfect layout for our family.

As soon as we have more information or break ground- get ready for more posts. I can’t wait!!!

I guess this post was all ‘downs’ and no ‘ups’ -Owell.


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