Stem Walls – Foundation Concrete

Today my husband poured our stem walls! Yay! Tomorrow he will strip all of the wood. I’ll post pics of the stripped walls when I go out there next.

The kids were excited to see the concrete get poured from the hill!

They enjoyed seeing the huge concrete pump.

img_1552 img_1554

Our crew of guys….img_1562 img_1564

He is a little dirty from pouring.img_1611 img_1614 img_1619

Dustin is helping even with his bum foot.


Josh was fun to mess with…



Personally, I enjoy seeing the ridiculous amount of work that goes into everything my husband does. Not only was this what he does AFTER his regular job, he left home at 4:30am today to pour concrete at his ‘day job’. He got home around 8pm tonight. The only complaint I heard from him was that he needed some pain killers for his back. Nothing else. He is absolutely amazing, and my kids and I are lucky to have such an amazing man and hard worker.img_1660 img_1666 img_1675 img_1677 img_1678 img_1679 img_1681

Thanks 3D Concrete


#myhusbandisbadassimg_1739 img_1746 img_1750 img_1752

This is my favorite picture of the day! img_1757

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