My Husband is Bad Ass

I know that I read people’s social media posts about their significant other being amazing…and sometimes I want to barf. I sometimes wonder about what underlying marital problems these people have where they need to go out of their way to justify their relationship. I’m going to apologize right now for the following. You may just want to move along and not read, because if you’re anything like me, you may barf.

Here it goes, minus the underlying marital problems. 🙂

Mark has been working his BUTT off. Not only is he working his regular job AND trying to get a 3600 square foot garage built for some friends, he is working hard on our house every spare moment he has. He gets up and leaves in the 5am hour and typically gets home in the 9pm hour.

Well today was no different. For all of you Reno area people- you know what our wind situation was today. When I looked up the stats, it was 39 mph winds with 63 mph gusts all dang day. I was running around town with the kids and felt frustrated just running in and out of stores or the house. I felt like the wind was UNBEARABLE. The kids were whiny when we were outside for the 3 seconds between the car and a store. I was irritated because my hair was all over the place and the kids couldn’t hear me screaming at them to stay out of the street. Every time the doors opened in the minivan, anything that wasn’t a fixture in the car was flying around like crazy. It. Was. Nuts.

It was about lunch time when we were ready to head home.  I stopped by the property expecting to see Mark huddled in a corner waiting for the weather to subside. Apparently I have COMPLETELY underestimated my amazing husband. He was out working on the floor joists (as planned). I unloaded the kids and we blew over to where he was working. I asked him if he was okay. He literally gave me a dumbfounded look and said he was fine. This was no big deal. WTF.


I brought him and his 2 buddies a few pizzas to eat. He sat with the kids and I in our container on the property and ate a few pieces of pizza. The container shook as if it was about to lift off of the ground and the dirt was blowing outside in huge swarms (I’m not sure how to describe this).Again. It. Was. Nuts.

He hung with us for about 15 minutes and said he needed to get back to work. Wow. img_3282img_3283


I just hope that someday our kids understand how hard their dad works for us. I hope that they become more grateful for the way that Mark is literally breaking his body down every day to build a beautiful home for us.

I am a ridiculously grateful wife. Puke. Barf. Get it all out. Blah! Mark is amazing. I am the luckiest girl on the planet to have a man that works so hard for the things he (and I) want.

This. Guy.

Is. Mine.


  1. Yea that was awesome! Made me cry. But I didn’t want to puke. ;p I hope he will slow down and enjoy the huge blessing with ALL of you when his mission is complete. May his body hold up to enjoy this all. Thankful you are there supporting him with 3 very young kiddos. You both are missing out on so much to ensure a great future for the kids. They are blessed. I can assure the sacrifices from both of you aren’t going unnoticed. You both are bad asses in your own journey through this. So proud of both of you for hanging on and keeping your eyes on the prize! Love you Katie!


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