Floor Done and Water Probs

The weather has been bad, but Mark through it all has the floor finished. *Pics don’t show it finished…but it’s finished.

We have our first floor lumber on the property waiting to be put up. lumber

We recently had a wonderful neighbor of ours complain about the mud on the street. Mark has been amazing (in my opinion) at cleaning up the street when mud is tracked into the street. That was a fun phone call…threatening daily fines if it wasn’t cleaned.  Here is some of the letter-

Washoe County District Board of Health Air Quality regulation(s): 040.005 Visible Emissions and 040.030 Dust.  The fines are compounded per day.

040.005 1st violation $1000.00 up to $2500.00 and 040.030 1st violation $250.00 up to $750.00 per day.

Let me show you what the street looked like…

To me…it wasn’t bad. At. All.  On my way home I paid attention to the roads with dirt on them and in multiple places it was WAY worse than anything we had. Ugh.

So again, we incurred another unexpected cost to rent a street sweeper. They also said we should add rock by the street. We have planned on this since August. Our amazing water company will be digging up the entire front of our property to install new water boxes and re-tap the main (under the street), so we have been putting off the rock. However, with the daily fine threat, we bit the bullet and had $1650 in rock delivered today. TMWA will dig it all up when they do the work and we will need to buy more rock once they are done.

These are pictures of the cleaned streets. And the sweeper we rented.

Here are a few pictures of the new rock.


We also had Quilici Construction come out to install a french drain because of all of the storm water accumulating on our property. We found out from them today that we have a big problem on our hands and they can’t do the drain until the county fixes the water drainage problem behind our house.

Funny to find out it is most likely the County that is the reason we have all of the mud…and they are complaining about the mud on the street in different department. Tomorrow the storm water crew will be out to assess our problem. I hope it is an easy fix and we don’t end up with a fight on our hands.

Hopefully my next post will be a happier one with better news.

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