Highland Ditch Problem

We had some wonderful guys come out from Washoe County to look at our back ditch problem and knew how to fix it. The problem is that it isn’t draining properly and it is just saturating our lot. Mark found this out by digging a trench and it would fill up with water. Then he would pump all of the water out and it would just fill right back up.

The guys realized that the ditch needs to be cleaned out and started doing that the following day (yesterday). It was such an amazing feeling knowing the problem is being fixed and that they started taking care of it so quickly.

The frustrating part of all of this is that the ditch behind our house has been the root of a bunch of problems up to this point. If all of that water wasn’t constantly flowing onto our property, we would have passed the ‘trench test’ by Washoe County Health Department and we wouldn’t have needed an engineered septic system. This whole process not only cost us more money, but the more frustrating thing was it added about 6 months to our process.

So again, it’s wonderful that it is (hopefully) getting fixed, but it is hard to swallow how many problems it has caused if it was such an easy fix.

*This is the trench that Mark dug and kept pumping out.


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