Highland Ditch Water Issues

We knew we had a problem a few weeks ago when we contacted Washoe County about the ditch problem. They came right out and tried to fix the problem.

I contacted them on Wednesday, December 28th. They came out to look at it the following day, and Friday morning were out with a backhoe. Wow right? I was stoked they were taking care of the problem.

Hold up! Would anything this important ever be that easy?

I called the following week when the water was still standing and was told that the ditch isn’t flowing because it’s frozen. Take a peek and see for yourself. It isn’t frozen.

Here is a little video of the footage from Sunday, January 8th. This is before it got bad.

This has stopped our project DEAD in it’s tracks. We are on hold. It is costing us money every day. It is costing me more time living with my in laws. The clock is ticking and all we have is a swamp.

I went ahead and walked the property and ditch with the kids on Friday the 13th (dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn) and here is the video.

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