Washoe County Trench Test

Last spring before we were able to obtain our permits, a trench test was required by the Washoe County Health Department.

Our property failed this test because of the large amount of ground water we have. Now that we are aware of the back ditch problem draining into our lot, it is all making sense.

Mark had to dig a certain depth trench. Washoe County Health came and inspected it. Since there was water in ours, we failed and were required to get an engineered septic system. This entails getting a civil engineer to create a plan on paper for an engineered septic system and have it approved by the county before we get our permits.

We chose the WRONG company and civil engineer to do this. He drug it out for months. This cost us money and more TIME living with my in-laws. Not only were they expensive, but the engineer didn’t know how to do the research that our specific project required. I was able to do all of the research about our back ditch that was holding him up. *make sure your engineer knows what he’s doing. Even though this man is OLD and thinks he knows everything, he was a HUGE disappointment. He was hard to deal with, he had zero communication and he didn’t like to deal with me (a woman). Welcome to 2016 (at the time). Women are just as capable to handle this stuff. Obviously, I handled the stuff he couldn’t figure out.

If we would have passed this test, our house should have been done or nearly done by now.

When the swamp (our property) dries out and the ditch is finally fixed…I plan on having Mark dig another ditch in the future to see if we would have passed this test if the ditch wasn’t draining onto our lot. It may be useful for us to know for the future.

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